Network stops working - Solved

Since a while I loose connection over wifi to my volumio system when the system has been idle. I have now tried to use a wired connection and the same thing happens.

When volumio is newly booted or playing I can see two ip-addresses in my router, one for wired and one for wifi.

Is there some powermanagement that would turn the network off when the pi has been idle?

I have tried to use cron to restart the pi during the night but it will still be unavailble after a while of not playing.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834
Hardware: Pi 3b
DAC: Hifiberry

Could you test using alternate software/os to see if it’s a hardware issue?
Perhaps image Moode to a spare micro SD card and try that for a day or two.
Or just native Raspian or similar.
It seems odd that both the wireless and wired connections would both stop working like this.

Thanks. but I think I found a solution. If it is HW related I think a new Pi4 would be the easiest solution.

A working solution?
I found a script at

I needed to expand my SD card to use the full space of my 16GB card. I did this by using gParted on my Ubuntu desktop. I had already enabled ssh on http://volumio.local/dev/ so I could now install cron with sudo apt-get install cron.

I then followed the instructions and used the second script that basically pings my router every 5 minutes and if there is no answer it will restart the wlan0 network interface.