Network reconnect issues

I’m testing Volumio on a RPi 4B 4Gb with a view to adding an Allo Digione Signature if Volumio (2.673) is reliable and stable.

Although my initial impressions of Volumio were good, I am having a problem with it regarding the network connection. I have the Pi connected directly to my TP Link router via ethernet. After booting up, Volumio works via my Android phone (although I have to connect via IP address rather than volumio.local). I noticed that after a while that I’m not able to connect back to Volumio and end up having to power cycle. I have tried setting static IP address in Volumio, and in my router. Although both methods work, if I disconnect the ethernet cable and reconnect it, more often than not Volumio will not reconnect and I end up having to power down.

I have also tried enabling WiFi, and again, if the Wifi connection is lost, Volumio won’t reconnect. A bit of Googling reveals that this problem seems fairly common.

Any ideas if there’s a fix ?

I also suffer from the same issue you describe

since I upgraded to volumio >= 2.688.

That should be great that Volumio’s dev team help us to figure out what is not working and how we could info needed to fix the issue !!

Could it be possible to modify volumio2 backend to reconnect to the wifi network if for any reason the network suddenly is gone (= no SSID is returned then from the command “/sbin/iwgetid --raw”) ?