Network Drives not displayed


I just installed Volumio (0.979) on my Pi 1B and it works beautifully :slight_smile: playing music from a network drive on a Windows 10 PC.

However the network drive is not listed under ‘Network Drives’ on the Menu - My Music page. Yet is is clearly attached as I can browse to it (Browse - My Music - NAS - ), play music from it etc.

I see there was a previous issue like this mentioned on this in the forum but this is marked as closed so I am wondering how to fix this as I am on the latest version?


Try to reload the page, still nothing?

Thanks for responding…no, see screen shot.

If I add music to the shared folder and hit ‘rescan’ the counts of artists etc increase. There is no music locally only the ‘NAS’.

I have putty and basic some Linux skills if you need me to do some digging,

Is it NFS or Samba\Cifs?

It is a shared folder on a Windows 10 pc, so I guess SMB thus CIFS ?


I seem to have the same issue with my set-up. Long time Volumio User. Installed V2.0 on my Pi A+ and IQAudio Pi DAC+. I can add my NAS Drive but after the update I can see all my FLAC files but have no drive listed as in the previously attached screenshot.

I have subsequently added a second NAS folder with MP3s and I don’t see the drive details on the settings page. This means I can’t edit each share at the moment. I can’t delete them either.

Any advice is appreciated.

Tooooooo many Pi’s to list them here. I’m a GEEK! :smiley:

Update: I’ve just updated my Pi to Volumio 2 and this issue is resolved for me :slight_smile: