Need to reboot.

Hi all,
Been away for a while but just downloaded version 1.5. Got it working in no time - great stuff. Wireless setup no problem at all and streaming music from my windows desktop.
I still have the problem, though, that if my desktop goes to sleep or is turned off, then I lose connection through the web interface until I reboot the pi using ssh (Putty). Tried restarting mpd but that doesn’t work either.
My ultimate goal is to get this working as the family’s main music player in the living room but this won’t happen unless I can get over this need for rebooting. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance,

doesn’t sound right at all to me.
never seen anything like this with any version of volumio (albeit I went very rapidly from V1.5 to V1.51)
I would try to rule out two potential points of failure.

  1. web browser - do you have another web browser install on desktop (e.g. Firefox, IE, Chrome etc. etc.)
  2. Desktop PC & HTTP. Have you got a laptop, tablet or smartphone that you could use to test as an alternative ?
    Hope this helps

It could be an problem with maximum connections with the server.

This could either be nginx or mpd. I’ve heard about this with mpd so I would start there. See if there are errors or warnings in the log files.

I should clarify. Problem of need to reboot only occurs when the Windows desktop where my NAS mount is kept goes to sleep. No problem if I turn it off and on again. Problem occurs when desktop goes to sleep even if I wake it up and wait a few minutes before trying to play anything. I use various devices to communicate iwith the pi - tablet, laptop, phone and with web gui or MPD client, but all have this problem.
I will have a look at log file once I have sussed out how to do it.
Anyone else suffer from this?