Need Spotify Help

Newb Disclaimer: I just build my player and installed Volumio for the first time. I have no prior experience with Rasp Pi or Volumio

I just got my player up and running with the RaspPi image of Volumio 0.979. I can successfully play music from a USB drive. I attempted to install the Spotify plugin from the UI (so far I only know how to do things from the UI). The installation seemed to hang at 70% but from looking at the details it did appear to get to the end so I restarted the device. After restart, I see the Spotify plugin as installed and configured my login info. The plugin is “On” but it shows “Inactive” and a red dot next to it. At this point I have no idea how I actually start streaming from Spotify and could use some help. Can someone point me in the right direction? I tried to search the forums but didn’t really find anything that describes where to go from here.


Go on the browse tab (bottom left) you should see a Spotify line.

You will need a Spotify Premium account. After clicking on the bottom left Browse tab you will see Spotify at the bottom of music sources. Click on it and you can browse your playlists as well as other trending stuff from Spotify.

Also, if you type something into the Search box on the upper right of the screen you will see Spotify artists/albums/tracks/playlists show up in your search results.

Ahhh, I had a free account. I upgraded to Premium and it’s working. Thank you. :smiley: