Need restarts few time to heard sound

Everything is set up correctly
Identifies the DAC
I see him playing.
But does not hear sound
Only after some RESTART Its start work ok

Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

Why do you have an audio dummy card? Did you install some plugin?
Also, I see you have Hiface, is this what you want to play to?

yes i have peppy vu meter plugin
and the hiface is my sound

the deaultt mixer type is none
when i change it to hardware and return to none its work again

This is a problem with the peppy meter plugin, I would suggest to contact the developer.

Anyway, as always, to provide better help we need logs

the vu METER plugin make conflict wirh Spotify
i change it like in manual
seem ok now
For Spotify
The installed Spotify plugin needs a little change to work with peppymeter. This Plugin don’t use the alsa configuration from asound.conf. It have a config file that’s hardcoded to the output device.
open the file:
and change in both files the output_name to peppyalsa

output_type = alsa
#output_name = ${outdev}
output_name = peppyalsa