Need practical infos before I chose the Volumio Primo Path

Kind of a newbie to streaming, with a more audiophile approach. I was using mainly cds but some of the time passing thru my old pc and a Native instrument external card. Time to change.

I’M looking for a all in one type of solution. I have a great vintage system that I optimized, it’s not a Hi-end hi fi system but It’s a good one and I love how it sound.

So my choice is probably going to the Volumio Primo.

If I put a hard drive with my music files via usb to the primo, Can I, access to it on the network (like a server ) on other pc or mobile device in the house ( for a browsing and remote application ) to play my music on systems other than the one that the Primo is directly plugged

Let’s say that this device can work like a server. I suppose I can shut it down strait away or do I need to close Volumio first on the tablet or browser.
Or should I let it run 24/7
I plan is to use my phone at work with Volumio and access my music files during the day from The Primo at home. Possible ? is it a bad idea because of security ( open door ) ?

Anyone has a good link to a tutorial or a post on how to install Volumio on a pc win 10 os

Pretty excited to try out the Volumio ecosystem, I’m on JRiver for now and hopping to find a good fit with this one. Simple, effective and convivial…

Thank you

Yes, the files will be available as a samba share in your network. This will allow you to access to your files from your PC.
IMPORTANT: This is not a DLNA server, so accessing files from your mobile phone might be a bit tricky. You can see the Primo as a NAS, to have a good comparison.

Personally, I leave my Primo on 24/7 (it’s a low power consumption device). If you want to turn it off, simply select shutdown from the UI (no need to close the app or browser then).

No, it’s not possible.

You don’t need to install it. Just use a browser. See the user manual for more info: … NUAL-1.pdf

Hope I helped

For the networking I will try to find around, someone that can help me on the parts I don’t understand.

In my head I tough I could have a service (music player) that offers every things a need in therm of streaming.

Access to my music everywhere in my home and at the cottage thru the network.
Being able to play different radio and , Soundcloud,
Access to my music at work, connected to net on my cell phone.
All this on the same music player (Volumio).

I though those were basic stuff, the essence of streaming…playing my music on different devices in different places.

the problem is that, at the office it’s a Mac world, so I have a Iphone with the 32gig !!! I’m not going anywhere with that and I can’t put more,
so I’m stock. don’t whant to use Spotify or Tidal, I would like to have my music.

So, not being able to do that, are you talking about the setup with Primo or you are talking about Volumio. Sorry for those basic questions but Why it can work on a desktop but not on the phone…they are just remote?

What do people do, to keep things simple.

Again, thank you for answering those newbie questions,

This is the subject that I am very interested about so I will join the conversation.

I have a small CD library that I want to rip to a drive and stick to some media server that allows me to access it on my home network from multiple devices (PC, Android phone, iPhone, etc.)

My approach was to use Volumio not as a player but as a media server (rPI or Volumio Primo plus an external drive connected via USB ) and then use some kind of clients on those devices to access shared music.

On the PC, I assume the web browser player should do. Will it play on the PCs speakers? What if someone else opens the same browser on other PC? Can that person play it’s own music or will join the same session?

How I can access that music library from Android phone and an iPhone, and most important - can all users play different songs simultaneously?