Need help selecting DAC/Amp

I plan to use Volumio on a Raspberry Pi to get music from my PC (in a bedroom) to a pair of speakers in my living room. Before I place my order, could someone take a look at this DAC/Amp combo and confirm that I’m on the right track? Do I just connect the DAC/Amp to the Raspberry Pi with a USB cable, and to my speakers with speaker cable/banana plugs, and that’s all there is to it? I will have no stereo in my living room… I will have a Raspberry Pi with Volumio installed, this DAC/Amp, and a set of speakers, and that’s it. Is that all I will need? … KPUCAO038J

That looks like an interesting little unit, and it is on sale (nice!). If you can stretch to the TP32 then you get a remote control as well. You need to check that the USB driver and DAC are both supported though… (welcome to the wonderful world of Linux :slight_smile: ) Let us know how it goes!
Some more technical info about the chipsets used in the amp are here- you are interested in the USB and DAC chipset(s). … b-dac.html

Looks like it uses the PCM2704, reported to work with the MNuse 2704 which uses the same chipset … rovements/ … B0093KZTEA

There is someone in the forum called MPL member397.html who uses the same AMP/DAC.

He mentioned it here : fixes-for-common-usb-dac-problems-with-rpi-t328.html?hilit=topping#p1290

Did you finally bought your set ?


Hmm … there are a couple of important considerations here :

a) What speakers are you planning to use with it? Do you know their sensitivity rating?
b) How far away will your listening position be from those speakers?

The reason I ask those is that the amp section on this device puts out only 15 watts per channel, and that is for a 4 ohm speaker. For an 8 ohm speaker, expect to get about 6 to 7 watts. If your speakers aren’t sensitive, or if you plan on listening to more than a meter or so away, you might be underwhelmed by the output