Need help getting started

I am all to to Raspberry Pi and Volumio, so please pardon this very basic question…

But, I got the volumio software loaded onto my Pi, plugged the Pi in and it went through it’s startup, and I got through the userID/PW parts. Now, my screen is showing that it looks like it is running volumio, but I get a black screen with command lines and it’s at “volumio@volumio: ~$”

So…now what…how do I get it to actually “run” volumio?


So, I guess it looks like somehow I got into the command line client, and I don’t know how to get out of it…any advice would be appreciated.


You don’t have to enter password and username. Volumio on raspberry is designed to be headless. You have to connect to it from a other device ( computer, smartphone) in the same network by using its Ip address or volumio.local in your browser. If it is only connected by WiFi, you should see hotspot to connect to and configure volumio. Please read the doc. (see bottom of this page)

Thanks - I can’t see the document you are referring to…you say it’s at the bottom of the page, but I don’t see anything.

have a look here :
It should answers 99% of your questions…
If not ask here :wink:

Thanks! Somehow I magically got it started…not sure what I did correct, but it worked. Now playing tunes from Volumio to my USB DAC.

I’m finding that the documentation is either way to simple or way too complex…I need the “middle” ground stuff…

Next to map my hard drive to play tunes from it.