Need a filter by Artist in the Genres section

Hello! I have a huge music collection, and using Audirvana it’s simple to manage it - via Smart playlist and Filter by Artist.

So, navigating in Genres, i have additional filter by Artist, and when i select Artist i see Albums.

I think this feature (Genres->selecting Artist->selecting Album) is really needed in Volumio, instead Volumio is unuseful for case when you have really huge local music collection (like me).


I believe that logic is already in, if you browse via Genre (unless you mean something else):

Select Genre:

The scroll down to Artists:

Select Artist and it will show you the albums.

Oh that’s great! I’ve read all the docs and YouTube videos, but no Genre section screens have seen.

Now it’s clear.

Thanks a lot!

Glad I could point it out.

Where have Allinor, Alton Ellis, and Anthony B gone? Oh it’s not my list :slight_smile:


they went on holiday and took all their records with them…

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