Neal from down under


I’m Neal from New Zealand.

Been looking at using Volumio for a while now for the basis of my next car audio project. I’ve done a few car audio projects over the years with my last one being in my 2002 BMW M3. That one was Raspberry based source with integration into the BMW Infotainment system with aftermarket speakers, a 4 into 8 DSP, amps and a kilowatt of sound on tap. I finished that one a few years ago.

New project will is a 1964 Classic Mini retromodded which I’m basically using an old race car shell, 1960s style custom dash and minimalist audio system using an Volumio , 2.75 inch LCD and a bunch of left over speakers ( Boston Acoustics front components / Sub combo ) and maybe class D amp to keep power drain down on car electrical system. I’ll either use a USB Dac or a hat for the RPi2 and usb drive for on tap music.

Looking forward to learning about the good work that’s gone into Volumio

Greetings Neal, welcome to Volumio!
Interesting stuff you have there - wishing you speedy projects :slight_smile:

Someone is trying to steal your car…


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I think he is trying to bump start it.:grinning: