NAS requires password

I have installed Volumio, so far so good. But if Im going to connect a NAS-Drive, theres a problem: At the end of the process appears a box: “Network Drive Authentication. Your drive requires a password”. But there`s no password on my windows 10-Computers. I have three Windows 10-Computer and two Windows XP-Computer + mobiles + tablets in my network, and all can reach each other. But Volumio demand a password for the drive. Each drive appears with a red x at “Activitation”. With VLC-Player I have no problems to play a title from every PC in the network. I have tried all that I know, but nothing helps. If I try to connect a XP-Computer, it appears: error 112. Do you know a solution?

There`s a field named “Options” in the adjustment of NAS-drive. Maybe I have to make an entry? Like “Guest” or something else?

Nobody has this problems and nobody can help?


I presume that you are using cifs as the networking protocol to reach your NAS. Depending on the firmware on your NAS, you may need to set "vers=1.0 " or “vers=2.0” in the options field.