NAS Library Mounts, but Won't Scan

Running Volumio on a Pi 3 with a hifiberry digi optical out, FLACs stored on a NAS.

I have my music stored on a Synology NAS (currently in the process of switching over from a WD MyCloud). It mounts without any trouble and will scan for a minute or two before stopping (23 artists/ 29 albums seems to be the limit at the moment). Repeated attempts at rescanning or updating the library don’t do much better. Accessing the files from my Mac works as expected. Sometimes it will appear to be working for some time (10 minutes maybe), then volumio will become inaccessible.

Curiously, I thought I had fixed this last night - the full library looked to have scanned, but when I came to listen to something this evening the NAS appeared to be unmounted, nothing would play and then Volumio crashed.

Is there anything in particular I should be looking for to fix this? It’s incredibly frustrating.

One additional point - if I list the contents of the nas folder in SSH (volumio@volumio:/mnt/NAS/nas$ ls) it lists my entire music libraray (700GB or so of FLAC albums). Why can’t the GUI see this?

Update 2 - executing “mpc update” in the terminal results in “error: Timeout”.

As an aside, I’m on a new install but I can’t SSH as root using the password ‘volumio’, have the default credentials changed? I can use volumio + volumio, but root access would be useful.


Login as root has been disabled. Login as normal user and use ‘sudo’ or ‘su.’ Please give device and Volumio version details when posting.

Apologies, it’s a Pi 3 running Volumio 2.041.

Any pointers would be appreciated. An old thread from 2014 (can’t find the link right now) suggested it was a permissions problem. I’ve set my music folder to 777 as an experiment (wouldn’t want to keep it like that) but it doesn’t seem to have improved things.

Your NAS has been mounted ok (you can see the tracks under /mnt/NAS/xxx). You could try running sudo journalctl -f before you do a library scan, and see if it throws up any errors.