Nanosound Player with amplifier running on AA batteries?

Hey there,

does any body know what the power consumpition is of a Nanosound player with amp?

I’d like to make it portable using AA Batteries.

Would this make any sense?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

While it is quite feasible to power the Nanosound on AA batteries for a relatively short time, I think that running an amp is probably a non-starter (obviously depends on exactly what you mean by amp) .

I agree. I made a mistake on HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro (with independent power supply to the DAC only) and only had provided it with a 2A battery (usually used for changing my iPhone, and under the assumption that it will be linear enough for a good noise floor). It did not work until I plugged in a real linear 2A power supply unit. I also experimented and tried to drive Nanosound DAC with a 1A power supply. The same thing happened. I also saw someone reports weak volume from Amp^2 from a less than optimal power supply to drive the Amp^2. The output from my 2.5V (for RPi) + 2V (for DAC) for the Nanosound DAC + Amp^2 can drive small speakers and a Senn HD650 pretty loud. That said, I would assume that you would need power supply units better than 2AA batters for a consistent result.


Hello, for portable use, we recommend driving with portable mobile battery with 5V 2A output or above. We have tested this setup with nanosound dac pro + amp^2 without any issue.

Roughly, driving loudspeakers with around 80% volume, Pi uses 0.7A-1A , dac uses 0.1A, amp uses 0.7-1AA, so 2A is just enough.

For best results, you can power pi, dac+amp separately with 2 x 5v 2A power supply.