NAD D3045

Does anyone know how to get volumio to output to a NAD 3045 DAC over USB ? Volumio recognizes it as the output device, but outputs no sound.
It’s running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

You’d get better sound with a DAC hat on the R Pi 3 and using line in on your NAD amp.
Common wisdom is that all R Pi below the 4 have poor USB implementation for use with sound.
There are digital out hats for the R Pi, they typically give S/PDIF output via coaxial RCA and/or Toslink optical, so perhaps you could use an optical input on your NAD amp.

Thanks for your advice. I just ordered a RPi 4 yesterday, so I’m going to try it out with that. Coming back to this after a couple hours, it is now suddenly working ! Seems like just a glitch - after changing audio out settings, volumio (or the RPi) takes a really long time to reset for some reason.

So, in case anyone is wondering, The 3045 DAC/AMP works just fine with volumio. It natively plays DSD files and it is decoding the MQA files from Tidal.

I also own the D3045, as an amp it is great.
As a DAC it is mediocre at it best.
If you really want to improve the sound get yourself a proper DAC and feed your amp through the analog input.
I really can recommend the Topping E30, a lot of bang for the bucks!

You just use USB port and plug it to PI4 or with DAC HAT on the PI? How about the audio quality?