MyVolumio Superstar Lifetime Deal is available NOW!

After receiving requests from many of you to provide the availability to purchase the lifetime license, we decided to make it now available for a limited time!

For 4 days and only a limited amount of 200 licenses, MyVolumio Superstar Lifetime is available for sale at just €199

You can be one of the lucky 200 to get lifetime access to all Superstar premium features for life, for the same cost as less than 3 years of the yearly plan!
Pay once and forget about extra payments on MyVolumio, you will get lifetime access to all premium features, including upcoming ones and unlimited upgrades!

Mark your calendar!

From Friday October 16 at 00:00 CEST until Monday October 19 at 23:59 CEST … or while supplies last.

As we continue growing as an organization and expanding Volumio capabilities, there will come a time where it’ll be necessary for us to increase the monthly and annual subscription prices. This offer we provide now is for the petitions we have received from many members of our community since we released MyVolumio, giving a chance to benefit before changes are made.

There won’t be another chance like this again. Buy your lifetime deal now, since it is a limited amount… Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


SUNDAY UPDATE = IT’S SOLD OUT!!! Thanks to all who purchased it! Enjoy MyVolumio!!!

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But 200 seams too few…

200? fine i need just one or two. :cowboy_hat_face:

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We knew that by putting only 200 many will end up not being able to get it, but as I explained elsewhere offering a “Lifetime” is a double edged sword… 200 is a number that allows us to do it with confidence…

Hey guys! Just a reminder MyVolumio Lifetime Deal starts tonight at 00:00 CEST!!! :confetti_ball:

MyVolumio Lifetime Deal is out NOW!!!

Get yours here!

Just purchased, thanks :slight_smile:


Purchased as well. Looking forward to the continued improvement for Volumio.

Yippieh - i also got one :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome! Thankssss!

Update: MyVolumio lifetime deal is selling suuuuuper fast… 200 might be too few but oh well… if you haven’t gotten yet… do it soon!

I watched the counter hit “00:00” and snapped one up as soon as the link appeared.

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