MyVolumio Roadmap 2020 and Multiroom feature

I was looking to find a (MyVolumio) roadmap , i would like to purchase but can’t find what’s the roadmap for the future (2020)?

Some features are on the website but “Upcoming upgrades” :question:

Multi-Room Synced Playback
This is one of the most requested features. With MyVolumio, you will be able to fill every room with HI-Resolution Audio in perfect sync.

but in the blog last summer, there was already the Multiroom view on mobile…

Is there already something to test or in beta for the multiroom? What is the planning please?

Also, this CD playback, it’s already on some places here in the forum but why it’s noted as “upcoming upgrades” ?

CD Playback and Ripping
Rediscover your CD collection by simply attaching any USB CD Rom drive to your Volumio device. Play or copy your CDs in the most accurate way.

This is a little confusing, but the multiroom referred to on mobile is the abilty to control individually all your Volumio devices from a single web interface. It is not a reference to synced multiroom playback. There is a community plugin to enable ‘snapcast’ synced playback for several Volumio devices, but it is not incorporated into Volumio directly as of yet. There are plans to offer this function through “MyVolumio.”

Again, there is a community provided plugin available for download that provides this ability, but it will also be available through ‘MyVolumio’ in the future.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

is this for Q1 2020 ?

Wait, what? My Volumio doen’t have synced multiroom audio? This is what is exactly what is advertised on the MyVolumio home page and for me the main reason to pay for a subscription.