MyVolumio Plan

last year i signed up in july and paid an annual subscription, ( at the time i cancelled the future payments through paypal too ) , for various reasons i went over to moode but have now decided that was not the right choice and have now reinstalled Volumio , and intend to keep using it, however when i sign in it shows my plan as Free , but it should be MyVolumio until my paid subscription expires. Can this be rectified please , and when the new subscription is due i will of course reinstate the payments



Hi Fred, when you cancel MyVolumio you are no longer on an active plan (we state that on the message you get when you cancel…).
But don’t worry, we can give you a coupon to use your residual time.
Just write us at support at volumio dot org

Many thanks for the speedy response , will email now!

All sorted now , thanks to you and Monica !