MyVolumio not fully unlocked

I started trail period for MyVolumio Premium on fresh installation of Volumio 3.179. Got mail confirmation from paddle that trial started.

Despite this MyVolumio is not fully activated/unlocked. Have a look at attached screenshot.

How to get rid from these messages to buy Premium.

Have you completely restarted Volumio?

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Yes, of course. Natürli. Several times.

Does a reset on factory defaults under system settings keep plan Premium?
How to make a factory reset without losing plan Premium?

Does a reset to factory defaults also reset the plan to free? Or is it possible to male a reset as/with plan Premium from the scratch?

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Have you logged out and back in to MyVolumio? I don’t think that doing a factory reset should alter your MyVolumio trial, but you should maybe check at:

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Logging out and back in and reboot doesn’t help. I’ll check this with support. Thanks.

I have the same issue, how do we get Volumio support on this.

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Read back to the second post above your first? :sunglasses: