MyVolumio: Lifetime License

Hi there!
I would like to purchase a “MyVolumio”-Lifetime License.
I’m building my own device, so i don’t want to purchase the primo.
Is there a way to purchase a LifeTime License?

“All features included thanks to the MyVolumio Superstar lifetime plan included (value of 199 euros)”
yes - I am also interested. 199€ and no more payments would be great.

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seriously michelangelo, i don’t understand why the product should be withheld from us.
is there a reason why you don’t want to offer us that we can buy the license without the primo?
How can you say that it is worth 199 euros if it doesn’t actually exist?

Jens I understand your frustration on that. Let me clarify why we are not offering lifetime, as of now.

A lifetime subscription is a double-edged sword.

The MyVolumo offering is growing constantly, and we keep on adding new features. Most of them, rely on cloud services, which have a per-user\per-feature cost.
Given this situation, we are not able to estimate what will be the cost per user (of the services we provide) one year from now, or 2 years from now.

So, while it might be a good stream of income in the short term, in the medium-long term (since our offer is so dynamic) it might put the Volumio company in a position where we actually loose money on each lifetime user (and we have an obligation to keep fulfilling the service).

Or, on the other hand, it might prevent us to release new features because we are not able to bear the costs for lifetime users.

This is why we decided to offer lifetime for Primo users: in this case, we can better offset the future costs with the additional hardware margin and it just seems right to give a small advantage to people that put their trust on the full Volumio experience.

I hope, once we finish our “dream list” of features to have a more “predictable” per user cost and therefore be able to offer (to a limited amount of users) the lifetime option. About the cost, the lifetime product actually exist, and its priced 199, just we don’t make it available :wink:

Hope that clarifies :wink:

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Michelangelo ! Thank you for clearifiying my matter. you know, this type of license is really seductive.
But I also understand that continuous support is needed - for continuous and varying investments.

Another license i saw in volumio shop is the

This bundle includes a coupon code for a one yearly virtuoso supscription. (value of 28.99€)
What about selling this coupon code separately?
I’m thinking of birthday presents and prizes for raffle and soundcheck events.
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Well I am not convinced. Of course its a business desiccion but you can enable all features besides the ones for multi room that probably require server infrastructure and create live licences

Sure! We will add it to the store in late august!

NICE :smiley: (good news)

There you go!

You ask, we do!

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What am i missing here? did we not talk about life licenses? There is not much new here now is it?

Finally, some news on this,

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Many thanks for this great offer!
To clarify that. correct me if i’m wrong. You invented the Lifetime subscription. If that hadn’t happened, we’d probably be happy with the monthly/yearly subscription. :wink:
At the same time I would like to note that with the purchase of this subsciption we are giving you a confidence boost of approx. 3 years.
The implementation of tidal and qobuz is still in beta status, as are many other functions (BT, etc.). We have no guarantee that it will continue.
With this purchase we honor the status quo and trust that it will continue.
I like to get a lifetime subscription. Thank you volumio team doing all this…

First, it’s us that shall thank you for the great support :wink:
Then, the best guarantee that the development effort will continue is what we’ve done in the past: you can see that since we started MyVolumio we’ve added plenty of new features, both for MyVolumio and free users. So, IMHO, you can be safely assured that we’ll keep on doing that :wink:


YES, we wouldn’t be at this point, if we haven’t done all of these things in the past. :wink:

So, this offer is actually too good to be true :grinning:. For a little money a lifetime of joy with volumio (as superstar).

Thanks again.