MyVolumio-isolator-reclocker -tda1541a - snapcast


Since a couple of weeks I use the Kali reclocker with very positive results. After first no sound with i2s to the TDA1541a (S2) I read in one of the post to use the R-PI DA as a i2s dac in Volumio to get sound. That is working perfectly.

My question is, if this is the only way to get a signal via i2s to my TDA1541A by selecting the R-PI DAC as I sometimes get a message to connect the device to the unit or select another device.
I also using snapcast and not having a installed hat seems to be a problem. Snapcast is working perfect only when using ALSA enabled as output. When diebling ALSA and using FIFO as output device I don’t have sound at the sanpacast server side. I checked all posts on the internet and tried everything but I hve a big delay in sound and I thing this is because I have to enable ALS to get a pipe to the client.

Using Raspi’s with a recognized and installed DAC-hat it seams to work perfectly but I have only one new 4 with HiFiBerry Dac plus installed and the other is a 3B+ with isolator-reclocker-tda1541 on which I don’t need a DAC hat

So it looks like my 3B+ needs a DAC-hat which I could choose to get snapcast to synchronize properly but one which is not installed. :open_mouth:

I hope somebody understands the problem. :smiley:

Thanks in advance.