MyVolumio Feedbacks

Can you please tell me how you get the first error? I tried to replicate with no avail.

As for the second, I’ve spotted it, thanks for the feedback

For me it works fine.

Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:
I believe they do not work together with the web ui? I switched away from Volumio when this broke (when you remade lots of stuff) but i still like the ideas behind Volumio and have been checking here sporadically since.

The last thing i saw about this was you mentioning it had to be made as an add-on or i wouldn’t happen. Has this been fixed?

Hi, nope… it has not been done. It’s still on the todolist and nobody jumped in to help on that…

I understand. If i knew anything about programming, i would. I bought an Allo Boss Player from your shop at least.

ok. here my feedback about usability.
i activated my Tidal and qobuz account.
searching for ‘imagine’.
my lokal results are clear:

  1. imagine from John Lennon - Album The John Lennon Collection
  2. imagine from Anthony and the Johnsons - Album Thank you for your Love
  3. imagine from Eva Cassidy - Album imagine
    and some more results with ‘imagine’

Tidal and Qobuz Track results are only with ‘imagine’ - no more infomation about artist or album.
Just a small pic.
I like to have more information, please. Thank you.

I’m able to reproduce it, but it only occurs once (at the first try to setup) after a clean installation, bzw. return to factory default, see attached screenshot please.
Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-30 um 20.31.32.png

You are on hotspot, correct?

Yes, after booting freshly installed or factory reseted Volumuio on my raspberry pi, i switch to Volumio’s Hotspot and start the setup.

Finally I found time to dive into myvolumio. Bought a Allo Digi One as second device. The setup was very smooth… Except the irritation that I had to choose “i2s” DAC although I use the non DAC version.

I see the potential of the multi zone feature and it is fantastic to have a Sonos alternative. But at the moment I am most interested in the Qobuz integration. Recently me music listing shifted to 80% from my own library to Qobuz. Like their catalog a lot.

Playing HiRes with the Sublime subscription works absolutely fine with excellent sound quality… That matters most for me!

On the other hand there is room for many improvements on the Qobuz search, genres listing and metadata from albums and artist information. Like to see also if albums are in HiRes or not in the search results or genre listing

Therefore at the moment myvolumio is not yet a replacement for the nativ qobuz app. Saying that I don’t know how much information qobuz makes available over the API and if any partner integration has the possiblities to come close.


Thank you Daniel,
we know that search is something we have to improve in Qobuz, we’re working on that.
Also, to show resolution in search result is a great idea!

Hi Michelangelo,
my killer feature: myVolumio as a Chromecast device!

I am sorry but the way to have a GUI in myVolumio that come close to Qobuz or Tidal original apps is quite long…

But both Qobuz and Tidal apps support Chromecast / Sonos for free, so why not let Volumio focus on what it can do well: to stream content with highest quality, with any protocol, and let everyone else specialize on user experience.

I would pay my “virtuoso” fee for that, otherwise I am fine with my (hi-res enabled) Bubble Upnp.

Hi Michelangelo,

I really appreciate the “lightness” of the web app compared to the insane amount of battery consumption of Bubbleupnp.

But there are some minor issues. I just made a factory reset so I think it’s not my fault:

-when I press on the big play button of the first song of an album in Tidal, it plays tracks in random order. I don’t see any option to enable/disable this except in the queue tab but I didn’t touch it.

  • when I look at my favorite albums in Tidal, it displays only a certain number of albums like maybe 40. It’s quite annoying when you want to listen to Zappa in New York.

-When I do a search and click on an album, the back arrow disappears, I can’t come back to previous results so I have to search again.

It would also be nice to have hires (or Masters or MQA) displayed on albums that have this resolution.

Grazie mille

Hi Michelangelo,
Here is my feedback on the new myvolumio+qobuz integration.

  • first and foremost, audio quality is superb, I could not differentiate qobuz streaming from local wav files played by volumio on the same track. This is remarquable.
  • in the qobuz browse page, it should say “My Favorites” instead of “My Albums”
  • the list of my favorite albums in volumio is truncated compared to the actual one in qobuz (I have quite a lot of them…)
  • idem, the list of my purchased albums is also shortened.
  • when playing a qobuz track, the playback page says something like “com:80/file” instead of the actual audio format: mp3, flac, alac, wma, aac,…
  • when playing with the volume control in the playback page (right circular gauge), the circular progress gauge at right resets to zero.
  • took me sometime to understand there are TWO separate accounts, one qobuz and one myvolumio, and each of them is to be paid separately. Not a bug, but it would help if it could be made easier.
  • why qobuz could not just be made a regular volumio plugin, like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, … ? (that would make our life easier… :wink: )
    Anyway, many thanks for this great product.

It does not seem to me that in Qobuz the options are misnamed. All existing filters for My Albums, My Artists, My Tracks, My Playlists, My Purchases are available - as in the official app. There is no more in the official app. (MyPlaylists does not work, I already reported)

Only the title “My music” on My Albums … etc. could be renamed to “My Qobuz” (as in the official app). But that can also happen, it does not bother me.

In the Qobuz settings, the number of entries can be increased. (up to 1000)


Thank you guys for all your feedbacks. We have a list of improvement to do and we’re committed to release them at the end of august.

To reply to some of your questions:

  • We applied to Google Cast about 2 years ago, but we never got to the point to actually get any replies to our enquiries. As strange as it might sound the hard part of integrating a third party music service is not the coding itself but getting the SDK. We are an open source project and this is refraining companies to hand over the SDK to us. That is also why we needed to develop the streaming services as closed source and they are not ordinary plugins. Now that we have this way of handling those services I hope many other doors will open for Volumio and we will be able to get more third parties music services onboard.

  • The bug you guys experience about random order of tracks is because of an optimization we did to the code (we do many request in parallel instead of making them in series to improve speed) but we apparently forgot that this might result in some requests being replied earlier than others. We are fixing that.

  • For QOBUZ we adhered to their naming convention

  • We are looking forward to improve the user experience of Volumio. if you guys have mockups, ideas, suggestions, they are more than welcome.

Once more: we are working hard to make MyVolumio and all its features as good as possible, and we won’t stop until it happens.

I like Volumio / MyVolumio better and better. It is kept relatively simple but it is all that was needed - almost everything :wink:

If an album or a track is played in Qobuz and I like it, I would like to save it as a favorite. For example, the artist, the album or the track as a favorite save.
Can I incorporate these functions into these three points in playback mode?

That would be really great!


I like Volumio / MyVolumio better and better. It’s kept relatively simple, but it was all that was needed - almost everything :wink:

If I have multiple devices in my network, eg. In the apartment, in the office and the children, these are visible in the lower area as “Multiroom Devices”. It is very good that there is this view.

It would be nice if you could turn off “Multiroom Devices” for each device.
That would be really great!


Is it possible to save the settings with a password?
I think for example If the children ever have a volumio in their room, it is better if they can not influence the other’s attitudes.

That would be really great!



Connected an old cheap powered stereo speaker set with sub woofer - Works like a charm!!

The only thing I would like to be able to do is:

I will be swapping my Micro SD card for a SSD on my Raspberry PI 3B + soon.

So for now I would like to read media from the SD card and then later be able to either FTP or SAMBA connect to Volumio environment, to add more MP3 files.

SSH was activated but I am just not able to connect with FileZilla.
I get the following error message: "Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.

Am I doing something wrong or must I go ahead and install a FTP server on the RPi running Volumio?

Thanks for an excellent media player