MyVolumio Beta - Free Voucher Codes

Since we want to involve our community as much as possible into the initial beta release of MyVolumio, we’ll be offering 50 voucher codes for MyVolumio roughly every week until we get to the open release state.

Those coupons are meant to offer a 2 months totally FREE MyVolumio experience to those who want to try it and contribute with suggestions, bug-reports and feedbacks.

The voucher free time ends 15th of September 2018 (previous ones ended on 19th of August 2018) , after which you will be normally billed if you don’t switch to free plan.

So if you’re interested in being actively involved, feel free to apply this code. The code must be applied when you select a plan and you’re prompted with the payment popup. This code works both with Virtuoso and Superstar plan, select the one that most fits your needs.

If you try to use a coupon code, and it doesn’t work that means that the current round of coupon is over and you need to wait for the next one.

You will always find one code, until the next one is added.