MyVolumio backup

Does MyVolumio make backups?

What do they include?

Can we manage them?

A greeting

The lack of response implies that Myvolumio does not make any backup.

I will have read it wrong, in the same way that I read poorly that Alexa (spanish) could use, or that Tidal was usable when in reality Tidal looks like a pre-beta version.
I honestly feel cheated I have lost money on this, it won’t happen again.


Hi Edu,
myvolumio backs-up the following:

  • My webradios
  • Playlists
  • Favourites
  • Favourite radios

This morning we added Alexa skill in spanish and german, and submitted for certification (we had to translate the skill)
What do you think we should improve in TIDAL?

great news!

The Tidal interface is far from the quality of the original Tidal app, in navigation possibilities, but especially in agility, Volumio is really slow attending the requests.

Thanks michelangelo.

As for the backup, I expected the System configuration to be saved.


Hi Edu,
we are planning to store also system backups, but it will take some time to do…

Thanks michelangelo,
I have been calmer after your comments.


Hi michelangelo,
A few days have passed and the Volume Skill does not appear in Alexa.
Should it take a long time to appear?


Hi Edu,
the spanish skill did not pass certification yet. It will take about a week

Hi michelangelo,
a month has passed and the Skill does not appear.

It is becoming increasingly clear that acquiring the Myvolumio subscription has been a mistake.

Well it is clear that all this is a joke, in the main page you keep announcing that if you pay the subscription you get the management with Alexa, but now after 6 months, it is very clear that this is a scam, if you also add the embarrassing operation of Volumio with Tidal, I have taken the decision to cancel my subscription, from now on, I will actively discourage the use of Volumio.
Good luck