My volumio? why?

why do i have to get a my volumio for basic plugins ???
i will not create it for this sorry ( it only gets me a other step futher oway starting to hate it.)


Ian just beat me to it :wink:

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i’m not happy first update kills my setup and now this… from now volumio has been… suc6

Your first update was from an early version (3.055ish?). Lots of changes in the mean time … these are not necessarily stable builds from so long ago.

it was running fine (some bugs), till i updated some plugins
last what i did to go to 3.150 go in test mode and pressed update that killed it all.
and i have already enough login’s i live by a rule less is more…

and every 5 sec the login screen makes it useless for me.

Volumio 3 beta issues should be in the RC beta thread