my Volumio Virtuoso small problems

hi, having purchased a raspberry pi4 I also purchased virtuous and also paid the app for the remote, but I see that it is not yet ready and mature as it does not change my frequency in tidal mqa and the Mqa are not highlighted, while in the library that I have online with Nas does not organize me all the covers as it happens with Lumin, Mconnect, amarra audirvana , I hope you will take this message into consideration and evaluate it
Thanks for the attention

Hi Gustavo,
to play MQA, the file should be played in bit perfect mode. Using UPNP like you do can cause resampling in some circumstances.
So I suggest to do this: use the native browsing of Volumio (do not use media server or UPNP), make sure volume is set to 100 and that you don’t have resampling or equalization active.