My volumio/retrogame DIY project

Ok… my project belive real

Pistation recalbox retropie volumio

Old ps1 case
Rpi 3
Suptronic x5000
Usb to ps1 controller
Dual sd expander with switch
Cable usb and others

Dual sd belive integrate in a memory card.

Reset button in a volumio mode play/stop music.
In a retropie mode exit emulation mode

Eject button up/down volume

Daily update.

Volume/eject button work
Frontal port usb done!

Rear finish.

I have a answer. my sound card x5000 have a i2s input.
If i use this card:
ES9023P I2S IIS Digital Stereo Ingresso Audio DAC Scheda di Decodifica per AUX Uscita Analogica negli appunti

And using my old portable cd player this work?
Can i plug a card direct in raspberry and use this with volumio?

O use a cdplayer usb?

New integration. CD player, ir recived and ssd for game

ok. my crazy project has come to an end (maybe)
I will make a small list of all the things I have included in this great little console

  1. ps1 9005 not working (5 euro on
  2. raspberry pi3 with passive dissipator
  3. old power of my notebook 19 volt, 3.4 A (gratis)
  4. old cd player for notebook (gratis)
  5. old 64GB ssd of my old notebook(gratis)
  6. 2 micro sd 4GB class 10 (gratis with my friend)
  7. DAC suptronics X5000 (now end of live, 45 euro. new model: x400 v 3.0)
  8. 2 controller ps1 (free with ps1 on
  9. 2 snes controller link(2.3 euro)
  10. 2 usb cable:link (2 euro)
  11. usb sata cable: link (1.6 euro)
  12. 30 cm hdmi cable link (0.6 euro)
  13. prolunga micro sd: link(1.7 euro)
  14. lan cable m-f 30 cmlink(1.5 euro)
  15. micro sd switcher (expensive :imp: :imp: ) link (8 euro)
  16. 2 memory card ps1 1MB link (3 euro)
  17. HX1838 ir sensor with remote link(0.40 euro)
  18. 2 ps3 controllerlink (14 euro)
  19. apple remote a1294 link(2 euro)
  20. connector for audio amp link(1.5 euro)
  21. optional charge support for ps3 controller link (3 euro)
  22. msata to usb for cd player link(2 euro)
  23. cablelink(0.8 euro)
  24. usb- ps1 controller link(1.5 euro)
  25. hub 4 port usb 2 link (1 euro)

mode volumio:
ssd are disable
reset button play and stop music
the eject button are edit, now are a dimmer for volume.
ir sensor works (now only with samsung remote, next with apple remote)
cd are enable for play cd with nanosound cd

mode game (recalbox)
cd are disable
reset button exit to emulator and return to home page
ps1 port working with original controller
usb for snes controller or everthing
ps3 blutooth controller works
nintendo wii controller works
ssd are enable, inside ther are all rom, and conf.

thanks to the whole forum for ideas and help received

Things to do
using apple remote
install a active fan for game mode. i thing this:

what do you think? I am still open to advice or questions