My Volumio - Luxmanio - Project

hi all

I already posted some work I did around some old vintage HIFI chassis that I repurpose for volumio streaming activities (Accuphase and sony so far)


I have recently started a third one based on some old luxman devices : I bought a vintage Luxman L81 amplifyer and I was very pleased with the sound and the old 70’s look of it…therefore, I started looking for a similar chassis to build up a streamer for it. I usually tend to adapt tuner chassis as they are not too expensive and that they fit the purpose quite well. They offer nice windows space to add oled screens.


I will post some more details soon; I already emptied the tuner and bought the different components to build the streamer. Contrary to my previous works, this streamer will contain everything form streaming functions (x86 board for volumio) to transport and dac. Each part will get a dedicated power supply. I am aiming at using 2 x 20x2 OLEDs for main infos (artist, title, bitrate and album name) + additionnal 16x2 oleds for song duration and streamer name display.

That’s the plan… I will post later details of the components.

Stay tuned :wink:


Most of the components have arrived and assembly should start soon. A bit of preparation work will be needed as the Luxman t88v chassis offers less space than I expected originally :slight_smile:

A bit of creativity should however fix this.

the streamer will consist of :
An X86 Motherboard :ITX-M56 VER: 1.6 J1900 2.0Ghz
4 gigas of Ram
SSD for Volumio OS
1 dedicated power supply + regulatory Board from my friend

1 Transport with its dedicated power supply

1 dac with its power supplies

2 oled displays from Matrix orbital (20x2) usb connected ( => python code to drive the displays)

Two Vu Meters for the vintage look :slight_smile: showing 220v and 12v meters.

I will give the details of all the components in the next thread…


The motherboard will actually sit underneath as there will be two levels bottom and top.

stay tuned for more soon…