My Volumio DAC project

Hello, this is my project…
Volumio + Rasp 3 + Audiophonics Sabre V3 + OLED + Apple 1156 remote
MDF wood and dark gray plexiglass.
I’m very satisfied.


Wonderful! Complimenti :slight_smile:

this looks very good to me! gratulation.

Thank you for your appreciation…
This is the pair of my DIY audio devices.
Hybrid Tube + mosfet Headphones Amp
The sound is great!


I absolutely love these - you should go into business - I’d buy one (especially the headphone amp!)

Wow that is fantastic.

Can you elaborate? What is that display?

That is one awesome setup sir! I am very impressed with the looks, they just match!
Do you have more picture of the building process maybe? Love to see more of this! :unamused:

Hi Ryan, it states that it’s an OLED screen, so I guess it’s the white Winstar serial variant.


How do you make the display work with Volumio?

same question here ))) pls advice !

That question is answered here :wink:

Hello Here I am!
The display is a normal OLED white 16 x 2 behind a dark gray plexiglass sheet… When DAC is power off, you can’t see anything only a black frame with power switch and USB port….
Elegant and cheap!!!
All components of my DIY audio system are made in this mode…
foto nuova 2.jpg

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The case are in MDF 19 mm, white glossy paint… You can see , in the upper case, two holes for switch and USB port. In the middle, the rectangular window for the display 16x2. All is closing down with an oval plexiglass sheet.

How did you do the excellent woodwork? Very nice round corners and round holes is not easy.

Did you spray paint them for the shiny white finish?

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

I only use gears bought in brico store. For the white finish… 20 euros in a workshop of a craftsman furniture maker… :wink: He’s a friend of mine now!!!

Wood processing takes place in my garage…

Excellent work on your project.

Tapatalkkal küldve az én Redmi Note 3 eszközömről

Wowzerini! Craftsmanship mate, real nice! Loving it!

It is beautiful.

Where do you get the code to run the oled display?

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Felicitations !
A very good job for a amazing result ! Most of my volumio device are naked board…

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Hello, my display software:
I’ve customized “” to see the processor temperature and the volume IP address at startup (the most important). Another thing: I hate colon between total time of the song and the time it runs. I’ve always changed (PAGES_Stop =) to have a black space between the two digits! Now is perfect…
I know, I’m crazy!

For drive the OLED display I use “”