My system won't initialize

In random mode, there are times when my system won’t initialize. The frontend loads but you can’t see any Library item, and the web radios don’t load either.
The only solution is to reboot the system.
I sent the log, this is its address:
Thanks for your attention.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: Rasp Pi 3
DAC: Allo Boss

please, disable equalizer to check if better

Ok, I’ll tell you about it in a few days.

Hi @balbuze. I had time today, I disabled the Simple EQ plugin and rebooted about 20 times, it never failed.
I keep testing.
Do you want me to try something else?

Since some updates, plugin such as equalizer often brings problems… A work is in progress to fix that, but I can’t tell you when it will be deployed in the stable version.

No problem, I wait for news.

Hello, being activated the plugin also brings problems with volspotconnect2. Connects successfully, shows metadata, Play advances but there is no sound.
I deactivate the plugin and everything goes back to normal.

Something about this? I miss the EQ…