My simple install


I live in Spain and saw volumio when i was looking for a system to run a wireless speaker in my bathroom. Now the system is running and I’m happy but still want to learn more and do some modifications. I have no phisical access to the system now, I can only power it up and shut it down :slight_smile:

First of all thanks for this nice project.

My setup is a raspberry pi running on it’s own analog audio - a chinese amplifier (TA2020 kind) - and a ceiling speaker.

It sound really well for my proposit.

My bigger problem is to know how to modify the startup volume. I have no idea of what is the bootup process and what script to modify and i haven’t found the information until now.


What you could do is ssh into your pi and edit “/etc/rc.local” and add “mpc volume YOUR_DESIRED_VOLUME”

Will this be run in the volumio start before continue playing what it was playing before power cut?

I will try this later if I have the chance.


Hi, everytime I execute mpc volume XX it changes the value in the volumio webpage but once I hit play it starts 100% but still shows my set.

It also takes a bit until it lets me set the volume again while staying loud :open_mouth: , my neighbours will not be really happy :unamused:

Anyone nows the exact command run at play button press? or if it remember or sets the volume, or resets the device or mpc…

I have to say I executed sudo apt-get update a week ago or so because I had issues setting the wireless interface (maybe I have any issue provoqued by this but I doubt).