My second Volumio project

It’s my second Volumio project (the first was network player with HDD on the Cubietruck & XMOS/ES9018k2m DAC).
This is full decision with power amplifier (I use 2 x IC LM1875 becouse I hate a sound of D-class cheaps :slight_smile:).
I use Raspberry 2 + RPi DAC+ (China clone from aliexpress). All components including aluminium case, toroidal transformer and so on I buy in aliexpress too.
The front panel is minimalist - only 4 LED for control power on amplifier & Raspberry. And LED activity Raspberry - very usefull!
I use auto-off circuit for amplifier - if the music don’t play about 10 minuts, the amplifier is power off, but Raspberry work all time. The power supply for Pasp is switching DC/DC PSU - at first I use a linear PSU, but it was very hot. And I use protection board for loudspeakers too.
I use a hardware volume control in DAC, but on the back panel there is a volume pot - for setting a safe level, 10000.jpgabout 75% of maximum.
The sound is very good! Thank You, Volumio! :slight_smile:

How did you do to cut the rectangular hole for the ports for the Raspberry Pi?

I order it to shassis’s seller in aliexpress (and holes for LED on the front panel too). I pay for all $10.

That’s impressive!!!

Any chance you could post links to the chassis seller you used on AliExpress? I have had an hard time finding it when searching. … 18169.html

for example :slight_smile:
My case cost about $30 (with shipping) + additional holes ($10)
Dimension about 220 x 50 x 220 mm

Nice work!