My Router Sees my Volumio, but nothing else can

I am no longer able to access Volumio through the Volumio app on my iPhone or through a web browser. Volumio shows up on my router through its hard-wired connection, but I am not able to access it. I did have an HDMI cable plugged into it in order to see what was playing on my TV screen, but I unplugged that just to see if it made a difference, and it doesn’t. I have restarted my Volumio several times, and even removed it from my router and added it back in. Still nothing. I think I had wireless networking on the Volumio turned off, so I’m thinking now I need to reimage? It was running the latest Volumio build as of about a month or so ago.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Did you restart your router?

Yes, I have. It hasn’t made a difference.

My take on this is that volumio doesn’t boot all the way through. The wifi is up and running but the web server might not… I would indeed burn a brand-new image and start fresh, it’s faster than struggling like you seem to be struggling :slight_smile:.

I have been leaning in that direction, so I think you’ve convinced me. I was hoping this might be a known issue with a straightforward fix, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Fortunately reimaging the SD card is not that big of a deal.

Hey Aylarja,

I can’t tell you I’m an expert but considered how easy it is to start fresh with Volumio, I wouldn’t sweat it. You’re making the right decision :slight_smile:


Reimaged, issue resolved. And, yes, you’re right: reimaging is fast and easy, so in most cases it is probably an early fix to try, instead of a last resort. Thanks.

Hey Aylarja,

Glad to know that my one go-to solution made the trick for you.

Either you’re a Linux nerd (skynerd? :rofl:) and you can struggle your way out of this, or you are just pragmatic and eager to listen to your tunes and that’s it. My choice has been made quite some time ago :grin:.

Enjoy your tunes!