My retro transistor radio build

Hello all i have just recently discovered Volumio and just love the idea and thought of how i could do a build for myself.
I decided on a retro radio build for the kitchen/living room here is what i have come up with a 60 year old transistor radio (pics below) now i just have a few questions on the parts i have decided on as i know almost next to nothing about the correct speakers to get for great sound.
I know that such a small enclosure and small speakers are not going to be an audiophile experience but would like to get the best sound possible with this build the goal would be similar to a Bose style system in a retro box.

So if anyone in the know could point me in the correct direction on some high end multimedia style drivers and look over what i have decided on getting letting me know if it will all work would be great.

Raspberry pi 2
2X wavecor drivers
Hifiberry amp+

My big questions are will the drivers work with the amp?
And also is the amp/dac combo needed for a project like this where im not running a hifi speaker setup or will the on board audio of the raspberry pi? 2 be ok in this situation.

I have already purchased the hifiberry amp+ but could use it on a more hifi living room setup.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Also the old radio was dead and missing parts from inside so a restore was not going to happen.

That’s a very nice looking radio you got there :slight_smile:
I’m currently shopping for parts for a similar build myself :smiley:

As for your question - I don’t see a reason why these drivers wouldn’t work. They come in 4 Ohm resistance and HiFiberry AMP+ is said to be capable of driving such…