My raspberry pi don't have P5

I was thinking of buy a HiFIBerry but my raspberry pi dosen’t have P5 space.

What is the best budget DAC that i could buy?

I had folow this tutorial and it is a


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Q1 2012



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Thank you

I had the same problem on how to a DAC to my PI B 256MB. I did find this i2s-raspberry-rev1-256mb-ram-t470.html but fancy the soldering and when and bought a Pi B+ and a IQaudio PI-DAC+

Thank you for your answar,

Yes, it’s a solution, but the cost/ benefit dosent seam right.

I think i’m going to buy a model B+ and an IQaudio to.

I’ve tried that with my rev1 Pi.
I couldn’t get the solder to stick to the traces so I abandoned it and that Pi is now used with some USB speakers.
Perhaps it needs to be lead free solder or I didn’t clean the traces enough.