My Raspberry 3b+ HiFiberry DAC && Arduino - Volumio solution

here are some pictures of my very first Volumio based project.
As written in the description, I used a Raspberry 3b+ and a Hifiberry DAC and a 7 inch display.
I decided to delivery power with two ampli’s, one for the speakers and one for the sub.
There’s also an Arduino Nano which manages a relè board in order, for example, to switch off the display or, where listening to very soft music, the fan.

The chassis is made by an aluminium plate in which I drilled some holes to install all boards and the wood cover.

I’ve already listed above all the hardware installed into the system.

The raw cover will be later painted.

The final shape of the project. I decided for a nostalgic black and gold painted John Player Special version… sure someone will appreciate it! :wink:
The button and the led are driven by the Arduino; every action is handled by a single button and it will act depending on how many times you press it.
The led is used for operation confirmations.
There are some scratches on the surface… I’m not a really good carpenter ;(

Now a little demo…

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nice build :+1:

Thank you! :wink: