My Rasp Volumio project!

Hello !
Just some pictures of my Volumio box !
Raspberry + es9023 i2s dac +PSU (both from Audiophonics)
I made a stainless steel box. A rectangular hole at the bottom allow to remove SD card.
I use an integrated amplifier REGA BRIO (nearly 25 years old !) with a pair of Kef IQ30
It sounds good !


Nice work Indeed! Just a suggestion: to achieve better sound quality I definetely suggest to shorten as much as you can i2s cables…

… why

hI! Michelangelo
Do you really think it’s worth shortening (3cm) of the wiring ? Will I hear the diffrence ? What is your experience (I read that your wiring is as short as possible) ?
The system sound already very good !
And thank you for your great job !


Shorten them if they are comparable to the wavelength of the signal inside.
If I2C works at 3 MHz (no idea, plausible), the wavelength is 100 metres.

i2s is meant to be used in PCBs, so very short paths. In my opinion the shorter is better, especially if they are not shielded (as 99,99% of i2s implementations).
I just use CAT5 cables of 2,5 cm .


could you provide some more info about the transformator you are using?

Transformer used is ftom Audiophonics : … -7041.html
I joined both output.
Voila :smiley:

Thank you for the information.