My Player Ripper project


After Reading a lot in this Forum, I am trying to build my own Network Player, with Ripping function.

Things I have got already:

Raspberry 3b+
Pifi Dac+ v2.0
5 Inch hdmi Touch Screen.
SSD Drive (at the Moment 120gb)
Hitachi Lg Slim Slot in DVD-drive (Laptop SATA)

My problem: How to get separate Power to ssd Drive and dvd Drive? I don‘t want to use an active usb hub.

Thought about this for DVD Driveäuse-SlimLine-Laufwerk-SATA-Schnittstelle/dp/B006G7B046/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=slim+usb+gehäuse&qid=1595767403&sr=8-4

And this for the SSD SATA

But not Shure if it will work.
Any ideas? Would be nice! Thanks!
Kind Regards

I see no reason why these should not work. One thing though, try and get the lowest power devices you can get, if you draw power through the USB you will increase the requirements for the Pi PSU.

Ok That Sounds nice. I want to use separate Power supplys from mean well, because everything is on 5v. Can u recommend one with enough Power for everything?

Well. I build my own linean PSUs for this purpose so i cannot tell what is good out there. Where are you based?

Living in Germany. Wanted to buy a Mean Well Power Unit, But do Not know wich one is powerfull enough for Pi, DVD Drive, and SSD. Or should I use More than one Power Unit for all devices?

Thinking about something like this

This is powerful enough. But i prefer a linear PSU instead of the smps on the picture. It will work for sure but your sound quality will not be the best in my opinion

Ok, but i cant build one myself. So i have to buy one. Any idea, wich one?

Where are you from? You Could Build it for me :smiley: :smiley:

I am in Denmark, i don’t know though if we are allowed to give our emails here? NP I can build one for you. Need though to calculate the price and get cash in advance so I can get the components.

Yeah we could give it a try. But at the moment I am trying to get the best out of the things i have already. How would you connect the SSD and DVD drive to raspberry, and how to PSU?

The Player should fit to the rest of my Hifi Sytem:

Poppulse T180 Amp
Dynavox TPR 3 - Tube Pre Amp (only for phono not shure if i will use for my streamer)
Kef iQ9 Stereo Speakers

What would you recommend me to do? I am total new on diy Hifi audio! Thanks for your help!!!

I guess the best to do is to get usb cables with separate connections to power so you connect them powewise to a different psu and only data for the pi. Yet i cannot tell if this will benefit in your case.

I am a total noob at psu, can u please Tell me which cable, and how to get those cables to work with external PSU?

Do a google search on “usb cable with separate power”
there are alot out there