My own project

Hi everyone,

I’m just sharing with you my own little project.

I’ve been using volumio for something like 3 years now, first with a PiB+ & hifiberry dac, I was really happy with the sound but my PiB+ died :frowning:

I decide then to upgrade it to a Pi2 & I-Sabre DAC ES9023 V2 TCXO from audiophonics.

Then I’ve been looking for a case, but there was nothing satisfying to me. I wanted a case that fitted well with my Luxman L30.

I finally decide to made it myself using ponoko (laser cutting website)

Here is the result, if any of you is interested i can give more details.

Hi, nice work , i want to do something like that, but i don’t now how conect the speakers …

hi, thanks,

In fact in this project I’m just using a DAC, so the ouput is an RCA cable.
It looks this way from the other side: