My new woody volumio streamer

made a small cross frame so those black bezels are now hidden.

I used an es9028 pro dac and used the i2s input of the dac where the usb board is normally located.

Furthermore, a 4.3 inch touch screen, rotary encoder, infrared receiver, status LED of the raspberry pi, separate on/off switch for rasp and es9028 board and a screen for the dac.

only thing I want to change are the 4 big black nuts on the front I think they are a bit too flashy.
and also spray the top plate black again.


This one is a bit to raw for my taste. but it would look great in a man cave. But then I wouldn’t care about the nuts, replace the knob by a wooden knob with a nail in it as pointer :smile:

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now you give me idea with that wooden knob :smiley:

I love it! It’s a great balance of function and form. It’s inspiring.

Real handmade, looks very good.
I would still treat the wood with Ballistol oil. Then the grain comes into its own really well and small errors on the cut edges are better lost.


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yes indeed a pity that a small piece of wood has come loose near the screen.
maybe I should try that with Ballistol oil and the damage will be less noticeable. or maybe with a little wood filler to remedy.

Put the final touches today, sprayed clear coat over it.

made a small cross frame


That looks great, very nice work.