My new rasp-kudos pi streamer

my new streamer made from a linn kudos.

toroidal transformer and part power supply used from the linn kudos.

used audio: raspberry pi 4 and a rasp 3, allo isolator v1, kali reclocker, piano 2.1.
studer900 power board.
unbranded 5 volt power board
5 volt power board used from the linn kudos.
2x 12v toroidal transformer.
5v and 24v toroidal transformer linn kudos.
3.5 inch touchscreen.
Finally I have to make 2x a usb on the back and then the streamer is ready :smiley:


2x USB output ready.
also immediately provide the wires with heat shrink tubing.
just have to do one more thing, an input for 12 volt battery that powers the allo isolator and then the streamer is ready.

gave the raspberry an appropriate name and made a few small changes, such as switches on the back, van den hul coaxial plugs, tyraps, a larger heatsink for the studer900 it got quite warm etc etc …

now the streamer is completely finished now the listening can begin. :smiley:

update: a part of the studer900 broke, sawed it in half so that I can still use one side of the studer900.

there is another power supply (Power Module A-19 2x3-20V LT1083) in its place, sounds nice too.
also exchanged the piano 2.1 and kali reclocker for an allo boss 2.1.
the isolator v1 is still in between and sounds better if it is supplied from above (jumper on) via the allo boss 2.1 than via the isolator with or without jumper.

everything rearranged and a 12 volt battery for the allo isolator v1 built in.
on one battery charge about 3 weeks of music.

Replacing the allo boss 1.2 and isolator v1 for a khadas tone board, also put a front plate for the toutchscreen, still needs to be painted.