My new CM4 volumio boot speed test

Hi there,

I’ve bought a CM4 with an adapter card for installing the Volumio. Everything seems normal but only bootup speed isn’t as expected.

My test method is…

  1. Plug the power.
  2. Start counter from my mobile.
  3. With installed autostart plugin (delay b4 start: 15000ms), music starts to play.
  4. Stop the counter.

Tested Pi4B with SD card was around 60 seconds and the Asus tinkerboard emmc version was around 45 seconds. But for the CM4 with emmc which spent 63 second. As my expectation it would be at lease 30-40% faster than SD boot. It really disappointed. Anyone has this experience please leave your comment and boot time info as for both Pi4B and CM4.

I think you did the wrong test.
As the hardware on a CM4 or rPi4 are the same (processor, Mem,…) The CM4 will not perform better when you load Volumio. Volumio was written to run from the Memory to avoid corruption of the SD card.

If you want to compare the performance use Raspbian. Then you’ll take the full advantage of the eMMC.

thanks Wheaten.
All I want is just want to squeeze all the performance of pi. As for the auto HU it shouldnt be too sloooow to bootup.
I tweak it whole afternoon and found out the delay start can tune up to 8000ms.

thats possible. Nothing much to improve here. It’s still a rPi. Don’t expect a quantum computer.
Even if booting takes a minute, I will accept, as long as Volumio runs flawless.

The compute module can also boot from SD, some models don’t have emmc. Because of this I can only assume that it has a hard-coded boot order that checks availability of SD before emmc and possibly other options all impacting start up time.