My music player project – Quarantine 19 (started during my quarantine…)


ofiras, what’s the reason for those pauses in sound?
I see that you created your own stereo circular meter. I hope that was not difficult.
What is that compact cassette? Is it Volumio plugin?

For those interested in the PepppyMeter - you can output signal not only through I2C interface but also Serial interface and PWM:
PeppyMeter Outputs

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The pauses are on purpose , I only wanted to show that the tapes are responding to the player status…

Compact cassette is actually a derived meter with tapes instead of needles.
I downloaded a cassette image and cut the tapes using photoshop

Btw I made another state for the mono circular meter to show the progress of the song with the needle (time) instead of vu.

I guess it’s using VU Meter signal just to detect that the sound is on/off, right?

You can probably use that cassette for the same purpose. I think I saw something like that somewhere. The tape increases on one side and decreases on another. It’s not precise but gives the idea about time :slight_smile:

no, I just read the player status if it’s on play mode or not , there is sometimes silence in the middle of a track so using the signal will be that good…

Can I output the vu meter to a dsi display?
I see at you have vu select and vu mode buttons? They change the appearance in the hdmi display? For example I want to be able to show the vumeter display by pressing a button then to return to volumio UI by oressing the same button…

Could you please help with pepy meter installing.
I have install ALSA plugin but I can not find the asound.conf in /etc… În volumio folder I have : peppy meter peppy ALSA folders and myfifo.
I can not see the meter.txt in peppy meter folder
I have installed pygame but when I execute import pygame : command not found…
When I started the python3 pepy I receive : pygame error, unable to open /dev/fb1.
I have a dsi display and I have only fb0 in /dev.
I have modified in peppy, /dev/fb1 in fb0… But now I have pygame error unable to open a console terminal… .
Volumio uses python 2… Not 3
I have run the pepy meter with python 2 and import error, no module named configparser…

I guess all those issues are related to python version… Used in volumio…
Thanks in advance

First of all, congratulations on your project. It sure is serving as an inspiration to many of us.

Would it be possible for you to detail a little more about how everything is powered?
I understand that the screen needs 5v, the raspberry 5v … and the 12v of the hard disk? Have you used a SATA-USB converter? Would it be a good idea to plug in an active HUB USB and power everything from the HUB?
Could you describe all this in a little more detail?
Thanks in advance

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Well . I tried a lot of options .

  1. one simple “phone” charger connected to the raspberry and one for the hdmi display.
    2.5” HDD connected to the usb of the raspberry also for power supply.
    The lcd is connected to the raspberry’s gpio pins and power from there.

  2. for more “audiophile” way I built a linear psu using a 50va 6vac toroidal transformer and a rectifier kit to 5 v dc. This cause the raspberry to “complains” about low power when the hdd is connected so I replaced it with to 3.5”HDD with its 12v power supply.

  3. currently I replace the 3.5 hdd to 2.5 ssd which getting the power from the raspberry’s usb and connected to the linear psu without any problems.
    The display still with its own 5v “charger”
    This is obviously the best way .

Btw I connect some relays to the power supply in order to turn on off the display only when the raspberry is completely loaded with the os. And trigger the main power with 12v from my external DAC so I can switch it on and off with its remote.
And also a sleep mode that after a while when there is no activity the display power is turn off, while the raspberry is still powered and on, and the display power back when a song is being played.

I am using photon 3.4 for the peppy meter and pygame package . you can install other python versions as you like without any conflicts with the Volumio installed version.

Thanks for answering.
Interesting solutions.
The last solution … if you use a ssd it would limit the storage capacity a bit, although you gain some more things like low power requirement on the HDD and more silence. Interesting.
So … the toroidal transformer is always on? It would be interesting to design a system with a relay to turn everything off.

off course there is… also a relay to turn it off completely as I wrote, trigged by my external DAC.
for SSD, the prices these days are low , I put a 2TB SSD seems to be more than enough .
it is more silence, faster and smaller so it worth it. most of my big files are DSD. the rest of the music is Tidal so no need to store.

Regarding the peppy meter, if I install python 3.4 and do the step from the github it will work? because I di not find the asound conf file, and I have only dev fb1 not Fb0, sgould I exchange this to fb1 in configuration files…
My display is a dsi bit hdmi.
Thanks for your suport.

the asound.config is an optional file so if it is missing just create it In the etc directory.

This wekend I will try to install again.

  1. First step. Install python 3.5 it is ok this tutorial Python 3

I have installed that version.
Now I have python vers3 and ver 3.5. When I run python3 - - version I receive is python 3.5.2.
Now I am installing the pygame but when I started import pygame from python3 or python 3.5 interpreter I receive : no module named pygame. How should I continue?

Update :also is not installed in /usr/local/lib when I want to install peppyalsa plugin.
So many issues :frowning:

Hello ofiras ,

Please help with next topic:
I have digged and I have observed that pygame should be run from a system with a monitor connected . Since volumio is a headless system I receive the error form above . How do you overcome this issue ?

volumio@volumio:~/PeppyMeter$ python3 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 224, in <module> pm.init_display() File "", line 132, in init_display pygame.display.init() pygame.error: Unable to open a console terminal

I have also executed the command below and I have sound . I have configured the plughw instead of hw in asound.conf file from /etc , but I guess for my specific setup I should configure other things ?

aplay -D peppyalsa audio_file.wav

I use plughw 5,0 because i have a USB DAC


Hi ,

I saw on the peppymeter wiki page that the vumeter will be displayed only on a HDMI , LCD monitors and through VNC .
That means that on DSI display will not work ? if this is the case I will stop :frowning:

It should work . If you see volumio UI in this display you will see Peppy meter also.
Just install the volumio touch plugin