"My Music" collection Size Limit

Hi One and All,

Is there a “My Music” Library Size Limit? I have a massive collection of music by average standards. I have around 12,000 albums on my server thus far in FLAC Format, with probably another 5,000 left to rip.

I have found that when I set the “My Music Scan”, the process stops (freezes) adding to the Library. If I reset the Raspberry Pi, all the data compiled for the Library is lost. This seems only to be an issue since updating my 3x Raspberry Pi 3B to the 2019 ISO Imagess.

The Raspberry Pi’s are powered by supplies ranging from 2.5A to 5Amp, and all outputing around 5.1V. I have used 4Gb to 16Gb sdCards of various speeds with the same issue. I have just unwrapped a 32Gb sdCard to try.

Any pointers to solving this issue would be greatly appreciated?



I am not aware of size limits, but I have seen a number of posts querying this. It would be good if we could get some logging information when the problem arises. You can try sending a general system log (volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html), or better still run a real time log (from Volumio cli, run ‘sudo journalctl -f’, and post the relevant section when the problem arises.

Thank you for the ideas.

Using a 32Gb sdCard has solved the issue. I now have 13,800+ albums listed so far. I now need to upgrade my other Volumio installations.

Log: logs.volumio.org/volumio/Nbvj5mz.html

cheers Ray

So a bigger sd card is needed if you have a massive music collection?
I’m now using a 8gb sd card and when scan for new albums I must press the scan button a couple off times to get all new abums scanned.

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