My little Volumio integrated tube amplifier and player

I build inside my old integrated tube amplifier DIY a section with Volumio player.
Basically i mount on bottom cover 1 rpi ,1 hd ,1 dac sabre from audiophoronics ,1 diy board for connection to gpio,rocker switch and green led and on wood frame power switch from tablet (with broken connector)and 2 relays .
When switch on rocker for power amplifier i do power directly to rpi and when volumio is up .gpio on led and 1 relays that do Latching all power,when swith off rocker a script kill mpd and shutdown system that when off ,switch off with a little delay from circuit delayer (1 transistor,1 condenser and 2 resistance)latching relay
2014-05-31 17.20.12.jpg
2014-05-31 17.19.49.jpg
2014-09-28 11.33.35.jpg

Great vintage look !!! Tube AMP are so goodlooking !!

It’s a pity that they sound so bad! They’re noisy, coloured, distorted and fragile…

The “warm” sound that is so beloved of valve freaks is just (concordant) second harmonic distortion.

The simplest and cheapest semiconductor amplifiers will completely out-perform any valved equipment at any price in every way. Don’t ever believe the hype!

maybe maybe: but in home listening the more major source of distortion and coloration is the room (+ - 10 db of exaltations and attenuation and distortion) that for this listening is not high fidelity but passion.IMHO

The cheapest quartz watches will outperform a Rolex any day as well. Yet expensive mechanical watches are still a highly valued item. Tube amps fall under the same category although I don’t think they sound “bad” but different.

I don’t know if you like rock music but many guitarists use tube amps and they have way more distortion than a hifi tube amp. If tubes really sounded that horrible then they would have abandoned them for solid state amps a long time ago.