My first Volumio experience

hello, I hope to write in the correct place, this is my first post. I have recently implemented a new system based on Volumio, here is my setup: Solidrun Cubox-i4pro with volumio installed on 8GB class 10 SD card, usb hard disk and Asus Xonar STU usb dac. I’m very happy to enjoy myself with Volumio and I would like to thank all those who contributed to development this project. I whish to explain some issues I had in this my first approach. the most noticeable issue is the failure of wifi, forcing to use the LAN connection, with which there isn’t any problem. When I try to set wifi setup, appear “no interface present” in the field interface wlan. Sometimes music stops to works, apparently without any reason, and you need to play again or reset the system. Lastly, using volumio with my usb dac, the perfect bit LED doesn’t activate during playback.
Unfortunately I’m not a computing expert, so I do not have any idea how to fix these issues, so any advise is welcome.
Thanks to everyone in advance.

The WiFi issue on the cubox-i4 can be corrected by following these instructions. You need to connect using WEP or WPA security. The cubox-i does not natively output at exact resolutions through spdif. It’s audio circuits do not have an internal clock. If your DAC can take the data stream via asyncronous USB and clock it rather than just process it then volumio will provide a bit perfect stream to enable that. Otherwise you need a USB to Spdif converter to do nthe clocking.
How are you powering your USB drive? The i4 pro needs a 3A adapter to power the 2 USB ports properly.

Thank You very much for your replay. I Will try to do that to fix the wifi issue. About power supply for cubox, I’m using a 5Vdc 3Amp. An usb hdd is connected to cubox and the usb dac too. Of course dac has its own power supply. If I use the same usb dac connected to my PC with Windows 8.1 and foobar 2000, the perfect bit on dac is activated.
Thanks again, I Will update You…

I don’t think how you power your DAC is making a difference to the bit perfect light. However if the music is stopping it may be your USB hdd is underpowered. Does it have it’s own power supply?
Also do you connect your DAC to your PC via USB?

HDD is powered from usb port of cubox-i 4pro, whilst DAC has its own power supply. When I connect the DAC (Asus Xonar STU) via usb to my PC (WIndows 8.1, Foobar 2000) and also the same HDD connect to PC, the Bit Perfect LED on DAC is activated. I don’t understand why is not activated with Volumio.

P.S. today I will try to fix the wifi issue.

As I say, I think the cubox-i is not providing enough power to the HDD. If you get a USB stick and put some files on that and use that instead on the USB HDD do you get music stopping and bit perfect led issues?

A desk top PC or laptop has a large PSU, so can provide more than enough power to run things using usb power only. With the Cubox and it’s small power adapter you may need to consider a powered usb hub for your USB HDD.

thanks again for your support, today I have fixed the wifi issue, with an help from a friend, because I’m not an expert in computing.
Regarding others issues, I have to say that the problem of the music stops is not frequent and has occurred only few times, anyway I will try to use an USB stick in place of USB HDD to see if something changes, but do you think this has to do with Bit Perfect issue? the USB data stream to DAC should ok, everything works properly. When I set the playback options, in Output field I find STU because the DAC is correctly recognized. Everything works but Bit Perfect is off. Probably it is not a big problem.