Musickit JS and Apple Music Plugin

I was looking to see what it would take to write an Apple Music plugin and I see lots of discussion that is years old at this point about how the API doesn’t really support it.

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I see that there have been some changes to v3 of the music kit since those posts. I’m specifically talking about music kit on the web. I have more familiarity with python than javascript but taking a look at the base documentation it seems like it’s waiting for browser events and the like that I don’t think the plugin framework has support for at the moment.

I was poking around and found someone providing an npm for musickit but I think this is v1 and not v3 so it still may not be right for the needs but it does have the ability from javascript to play a song from apple music. So it at least sounds like it’s in the right space.

Has there been any other movement on the topic of an apple music plugin?

Main discussion here, latest post 8 days ago…so not that old.

According to the description, this library is a “wrapper for the Apple Music API written in NodeJS”. Despite calling itself musickit, does it actually utilize the Apple Musickit framework? I also don’t see anything in the documentation about playback support. Apple Music API (latest version is indeed still v1) and MusicKit are two different things…

Gah thank you. I just took it on the name and that it was an npm package.

It devolved into a discussion around bits of hardware and then got picked back up specifically to talk about lossless. patrickkfkan brought up some stuff about the npm package I listed as being irrelevant.