Music on USB flash drive not showing up in Library

The music (all .mp3 format) on my FAT32 formatted flash drive is not appearing in the library at all, after several reboots. From what I can tell, the drive appears to be mounted as I can SSH into the Pi and navigate to mnt/USB and use ls to see all the folders containing my music. How do I get the music to show in the library?

Have you updated the library database?

I wish that feature were documented somewhere. If it is, I can’t find said documentation. Without knowing otherwise, I would have assumed that it would only be necessary to manually update the library when connecting a drive when the Pi is already powered on, and that if I drive is connected at power up, the drive is automatically mounted and the music added to the library.

Two hours later, and it still says Updating in the lower left corner. I now have an entry for USB in the Library. But there’s a whole bunch of Unknown entries in the library.

When I looked about an hour ago, it seemed to be adding all the music from my network’s DLNA server. I guess that’s cool, but it sure is making the update take a long time. But why did all those entries disappear, leaving me with a whole bunch of Unknowns?

In the library view unknown means that the tag with information about artists album genre or whatever part your looking at isn’t available.

In the browse view you should be able to see all the folders and files that have been found with music in them.

It is possible to disable the dlna search, look in the settings for this. You might even find other options that you like.