Music on Shared External Drive (not NAS)

Hi there.

I’m having trouble getting Volume to find my music, which is stored on an external hard drive (not a NAS), which is attached to another computer on the same network.

I’ve installed Volumio v 1.5 on a Raspberry Pi B.

I’m using an Apple Airport Extreme router.

I have a Mac mini running Yosemite. This is networked wirelessly to my Airport Extreme.

My music is on an external hard drive, connected to the Mac mini via Firewire 800. I have shared out the drive via Mac Os X File Sharing preferences, granting Everyone Read Access.

I have tried to add the shared drive as a NAS mount via Volumio’s Network setup page ("//"), with no success. When I save this configuration, the mount appears with a red X to its left. When I click on it, I see the following error:


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Remove first slash

Thanks for that. The slashes are not my own, but rather what Volumio details as the NAS mount on the Library page. My actual entries can be seen in the screenshot I had included in my post.

I may imagine that there are too much subfolders… You can try investigating by connecting to SSH and typing

dmesg | tail

Not sure how to do that, but i’ll research it. I’ve got only one computer; wondering whether I can ssh into the computer using the very machine i am trying to connect to.

There are 2,315 folders in my music folder. Volumio really can’t handle that many?


got a similar problem. Any idea how to connect my external drive (my one isnt connected to an mac just via usb to the Airport Extreme) to Volumio?