Music Library on 128GB USB stick

How well does putting all the music collection on to a USB stick work, I can get the library down to around 90GB (MP3 - 320kbps).

128GB USB stick are starting to get affordable.

I have successfully run a 4GB USB stick but wondered how a larger 128GB device would go ?

It works very well for me. Very easy to set up and no drop outs because of a busy network.

Just make sure your PSU can power a DAC, WiFi dongle and a USB stick at the same time. If things stop working, that may be the problem. Check if you have enough free USB ports too!

Sensational thank you for the info… that is good news, will be using a HifiBerry DAC, so will only need the two USB (Wifi & USB Stick)

Now ordered… hurry up Mr postman !

I use a 64GB SD card, with most of my music on it, and the overspill on a 64GB USB stick. As Twerp says, it works pretty well. People say there might be issues with SD card ‘wear’, and possible corruption, but I’ve not experienced that so far. One possible caveat is having your music on the SD card might make upgrading to a new version of Volumio problematical, as you presumably wouldn’t want to flash over your music library.